Pay what you want for this Python bundle

For the newbie, Python can seem like the most intimidating programming language. After all, it can be used to create everything from simple apps to vast networks of web crawlers. But there are fundamental principles that underlie all the uses of this versatile platform, and you can absorb them all with the Python Master Class Bundle – an online course that's currently available on a pay-what-you-wish basis.

The full nine-course package contains everything you need to know to code on one of the world's most popular platforms. After an introduction to Python from a bird's-eye view, you'll get classes that drill down on its applications in web development and gaming. You'll receive invaluable training in Python's potential in the field of web scraping and machine learning, and get resume-building experience in data analytics by pairing it with apps like Madplotlib or the Pandas libraries.

The entire bundle is typically $1066, but right now, you can essentially name your own price for the Python Master Class Bundle. Get the details below and get coding.