WATCH: Two New Adam Savage #MythbustersJr episodes, 'Demolition Dominoes' and 'Gravity Defying Carl'

I've really been enjoying the new 'MythBusters Jr', Adam Savage's new science exploration show featuring… kids. Really smart awesome talented kids.

Adam Savage will be Tweeting live during tonight's two premiere episodes, and they start airing an hour early (at 8 pm ET) for parents with wee ones.

Watch it on Science Channel through your cable/satellite provider, or SCIGO, their online streaming service.

One of the episodes tonight is 'Demolition Dominoes.'

BELOW: Here's an app for the episode, and a video clip preview:

This small-scale test bodes well!

Here's another show scene, with Adam helping his co-host Elijah test his concept of using bungee to remove the last Jenga piece.

The other premiere episode tonight is 'Gravity Defying Carl,' which looks excellent.

Here's a scale test with bowling balls.

Also, for the experiment of how far a pencil can draw, this app below lets you guess how many pencils it would take to draw a line between two famous landmarks.

If you miss the 8 pm ET showing tonight, it re-airs at 11 pm ET/8 pm PT, as well as Saturday at 11 am on Discovery Channel.