Michael Moore has a message to federal employees: "Don't go to work!"

With 800,000 federal employees either furloughed or expected to work without pay – and expected by Trump to simply ask grocery stores for free food – during the longest government shutdown in US history, Michael Moore has a message to them: "Don't go to work!"

“Any sane person – even if they're for the wall – knows this is crazy that we're in month two of this. Nobody should be working without pay.”

“This is our country. We are a democracy, we're a free society. If this were any other country, if it were Turkey or the Philippines or Russia, and they had an election and the ruler's party somehow lost half their legislative branch like he did in November and then that ruler declared a month later, I'm shutting down the government, what would we call that if it were another country doing that?”

“This guy doesn't want the government to be open, he certainly doesn't want the Department of Justice to be open. So if he tries to pull a national emergency, we the people have to declare a national emergency. We have to non-violently rise up. We have to take to the streets. We have to build our own wall—a human wall—around the White House.”

Via Daily Beast