Man clings to hood of car at 70 mph in road rage video

In this spectacular example of road rage, a Massachusetts senior clings to the hood of a vehicle as it accelerates to 70 MPH on the state turnpike.

The man, Richard Kamrowski, and the driver of the SUV, 37-year-old Mark Fitzgerald, were involved in a minor sideswipe on Saturday and had pulled over to exchange information, Fox News reported. When the men got into an argument, Fitzgerald began to drive away. That's when Kamrowski jumped on the hood of Fitzgerald's SUV.

Both driver and "passenger" were arrested and charged with being completely bonkers.

BONUS ROAD RAGE VIDEO: In Anaheim, Calif., this weekend, a gentleman leapt onto the hood of a woman's car and punched her windshield with such force it cracked. He got arrested too.