Blackwater founder to site mercenary training camps conveniently close to China's Uighur concentration camps

Hereditary millionaire war-criminal and brother of Betsy DeVos Erik Prince (previously) is full of good ideas: after founding the disgraced mercenary company Blackwater (and several subsequent reboots thereof), he proposed that the US could withdraw its military from Afghanistan and instead pay him to occupy the country with a mercenary army that would brutally subjugate its people on America's behalf.

Now he's got another top-notch brainwave: he's going to set up mercenary training camps for his Frontier Services Group (the latest Blackwater mutation) in Xinjiang, the province where up to a million Uighur Muslims have been imprisoned by Chinese authorities in brutal concentration camps, where they are starved, beaten and tortured in a bid to have them renounce Islam and swear unquestioning loyalty to the Chinese politburo.

It did not provide details of the project but said a signing ceremony in Beijing on Jan. 11 was attended by officials from Xinjiang's Tumxuk city and from CITIC Guoan Construction, owned by state-run conglomerate CITIC Group.

FSG will invest 4 million yuan ($600,000) in the center, which will have the capacity to train 8,000 people a year, state media said in a report.

Erik Prince company to build training center in China's Xinjiang [Reuters]

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(Image: Miller Center, CC-BY)