Truck crashes at the 11foot8 bridge and then hits a car

I've written about the 11foot8 bridge (aka the Can-Opener) quite a few times here on Boing Boing.  Located in Durham, North Carolina, it's a 79-year-old railroad bridge that has a lower clearance than the height of many common commercial trucks. It's scraped the top off of 139 trucks since 2008, the year that Jürgen Henn installed a video camera to record the crashes.

Jürgen posted the first crash of 2019 on his YouTube channel:

During the first 40 seconds, you can see that the traffic light switches to red and the overheight warning sign lights up (triggered by the overheight truck). Then the sign starts flashing and the traffic signal switches to green. The truck driver had about 50 seconds to notice the warning sign next to the traffic signal and to decide whether or not to heed the warning. As many before, this driver decided to go for it. As he is backing out of the bridge, he backs into a car behind him.

Image: yovo68/YouTube screengrab