THE BUREAU: Part Twelve, "Conclusion" — with My Experience Giving Up Alcohol (and Kickstarter for a Print Copy)

THE BUREAU by Ethan Persoff

The Bureau concludes! — with a summoning of The President and a performance of "Ignore Him (The More You Say His Name)" by the Aloha Aryan Fellows.

Greetings – The Bureau has now concluded. I'd like to thank you for reading. (and Boing Boing for the serialization)

Catch up on all twelve installments here. It's 6:30pm and your day is officially complete. Here is your playlist for the final episode, "Your Heart Sings"

Would you like a copy of the book? The Bureau is now on Kickstarter.

Here's the video for the campaign — includes some scenes of Harry's Loft, my recording space in Austin, where the music for the series was recorded.

This comic has been a pretty wild experience. I began it on New Year's Day, January 2018 – Intentionally as an experience to get away from Donald Trump on the news each night. Eventually, he crept into the narrative, but on terms I'm okay with; but the immediate plan was to draw away the world (at least at night, with the TV and cable news pundits turned off)

But really, this project started a few months before that, as I had to learn to make creative work without alcohol. I had an immediate medical need to stop drinking, which was a blessing, but with no opportunity at relief from bourbon, the only option was some giant creative exercise to keep me away from the stress of this odd Trumpian reality we're presently sharing as a group. So around June 2017, I started working on ideas for this project, with the goal to draw (and record) myself out of anxiety in 2018. The Bureau was a massive help to me to make the music and the comic. As a daily exercise, it's occupied the last four hundred days, and in May, I'll have gone two years without a drink. I still love alcohol, of course. It was a close friend, it'll just have to be a memory. But I'm very happy to have The Bureau over The Bourbon, and I hope you enjoyed the show. Here's the Kickstarter video:

View the Kickstarter campaign here. Thank you for your support.

– Ethan Persoff, February 2019