Cool cyberpunk face shield with how-to steps

IMGUrian Syn9 made this wonderful cyberpunk face shield helmet blinky thing.

The creator's build post includes loads of information and video documenting each of the build steps.

"Can you see through it? – Yes! I added a mini camera and LCD screen."

"Why? This is for my band, Syn Nine, which does theatrical cyberpunk music / shows."

PHOTO: "This is the gear I started with. I didn't end up using all of it, but the important parts are…"

– Arduino microcontroller(s)
– 7x RGB LEDs
– 2x Alphanumeric displays
– 1x RGB LED matrix display
– 1x cheap, damaged VR toy
– 5V rechargeable battery pack
– Safety glass plastic sheet
– capacitors
– resistors
– electrical tape
– heat shrink
– mini LCD display
– mini spy camera
– cellphone wide angle lens
– jumper wires

The tools I used were:
– dremel rotary tool
– soldering iron
– heat gun

More below. [Link]

Cyberpunk Helmet Build Steps