Master Spanish with this intuitive language learning system

Learning a new language like Spanish doesn't have to be hard. Either you can buy a ticket to a Spanish-speaking country, immerse yourself in the culture and pick it up intuitively – or you can do it from the comfort of the chair you're in right now by logging on to Rocket Spanish.

There are a lot of language learning apps out there, but this is a full online course, designed to get you speaking Spanish confidently at the intermediate level – fast. Rocket Spanish makes full use of tools like voice recognition and interactive flashcards to fine-tune your pronunciation and assist in memorization. But the foundation of the course is rooted in "chunking," or breaking complex topics down into quickly digestible lessons without overwhelming your memory or patience. You'll even get lessons on Spanish culture to help you settle into the language and truly speak like a local.

Right now, you can get Rocket Spanish Language Learning: Level 1 for $59.99, a full 59% off the original price of $149.95.