Watch this Infowars caller flame Roger Stone

A man identifying himself as "Michael from Florida" called into Infowars when federal indictee Roger Stone was a guest on the show. Michael first told the host he was angry that Trump's tax cut has increased his annual taxes by over $4,000. He then turned his attention to Stone (who was sporting fabulous eyebrows, by the way) by calling him a marshmallow and a snowflake for complaining about his treatment by the FBI when he was arrested.

"They didn't throw you down on the ground!" said Michael. "You say your dogs were terrified and your wife was out in the street without her shoes on in the Florida freezing cold: 59 degrees. You guys are snowflakes and you're going to go down in prison. You're facing 40-plus years, Stone. It's coming down on you."

Displaying his trademark wit, Stone shot back, "Don't bet the ranch, muchacho."

Image: Twitter/Infowars screen grab