#Grombre thoughts: Why many women are going grey

The social media-driven #grombre movement celebrates the natural phenomenon of grey hair (and silver, salt-and-pepper, white, and so on).

I recently stumbled on the #grombre hashtag on Instagram, and ended up making the decision to grow out my white/grey/gray/silver/whatever? roots, myself.

I know it sounds like a trivial, silly thing, but hear me out. "Cover your roots" is a thing women (and now men!) hear all the time, and take for granted. Who really cares? Will I feel differently about myself if I stop? Do I do this because the world around me tells me that older women are useless and unattractive?

"My hair [has] been going gray since I was 32 and I just realized that having this kind of natural hair is a thing that we women can do without shame and my mind is exploding," I wrote on Twitter this morning after thinking about it a few days, and scrolling through a lot of gray-haired womens' selfies. "I'm doing it."

I wrote a few more thoughts about it on Twitter, and a lot of other women responded in ways that surprised me.

Below, my tweets, and some wonderful embracing-your-grey images and thoughts from others.

[image: stockvault.net]