This password manager maximizes security on every website

Use a single password for every website, and you're compromising your security. Use a different one each time, and you're bound to lose track of them. The solution? RoboForm Everywhere, a catch-all tool that will not only manage the passwords on every site you visit but generate better ones.

As a simple password database, it's comprehensive enough for even the most forgetful online citizen. It saves and protects log-in data from any site with AES 256-bit encryption, and can even encrypt text notes for offline or WiFi passwords, all searchable and easily organized. You can import from all major password managers or a basic CSV, and choose a trusted friend to share your info with in case of emergency. But RoboForm will also generate random passwords and audit them for safety, making sure you've got the most airtight log-ins on every site - all of which can be set to auto-fill with a click.

Right now, a 5-year individual subscription to Roboform Everywhere is 69% off the list price at $29.99.