Get certified online in machine learning and data science

As big companies wrangle an ever-increasing amount of data, the applications for deep learning grow – and so do the job opportunities. If you've got a working knowledge of Python, all you need are the tools to start making data work for you. Get up to speed on the science and code behind the field with the Machine Learning & Data Science Certification Training Bundle.

In this eight-course bundle, you'll get not only the bird's eye view of data science philosophy, but the coding know-how to put it into practice. The courses focus mainly on platforms for Python and R, teaching you how to analyze your data sets with Numpy Arrays and create deep learning structures with Tensorflow and Karas. By the end of the 48 hours of training and examples contained here, you'll be able to implement the complex algorithms that revolutionize your company's cybersecurity or content moderation.

Right now, you can get the Machine Learning & Data Science Certification Training Bundle for $35.