Man spaces out and accidentally leaves an original Picasso on a train. Now it's missing

A 76-year-old-man was carrying an original Picasso in a large shopping bag while traveling by train in Germany. He tucked it under his seat, but when he changed trains he forgot all about it, leaving it behind.

The 10-inch-high piece was a ceramic vase that was part of Picasso's "Owl" series made in the South of France in 1953. It's worth at least $11,000.

According to CNN:

Carrying his precious cargo in a large shopping bag, the 76-year-old man was traveling from Kassel in central Germany to the western city of Dusseldorf on February 15…

According to German police, the owner contacted the crew immediately after departing the train. But despite a search, the vase was nowhere to be seen.

Police described the incident as a case of "monumental forgetfulness" and said the vase had been pinched by an "unknown culprit." They called on witnesses to come forward.