This scratch-off map is a great gift for globetrotters

If you love to travel, you love reminiscing about the places you've been. Aside from the photos, you might turn maps into keepsakes, putting pins or stickers onto each country you've visited. World Travel Tracker Scratch Off Maps® take that pastime and ramp up the fun, making it easy to keep tabs on your adventures by literally scratching each country off your list.

Like all good ideas, this one is pretty simple. What you've got is essentially a 17" by 24" scratch-off ticket version of the entire world. Every country is covered in gold foil that rubs off to reveal a different color, highlighting your visit. Stateside road trippers can also keep a tally of their itinerary, with the US, Canada, and Australia broken down into different sections for their own states and provinces. There's also a gallery of scratch-off flags below the map – one for each of 210 countries.

The World Travel Tracker Scratch Off Map® is available in gift-ready packaging for $22.99, 48% off the MSRP.