Build your IT profile with Amazon Web Services certification

Demand for IT professionals is high. Doubly so for those who are versed in cloud-based infrastructure. Amazon Web Services is one of the top platforms out there, and the AWS Certified Architect Developer Bundle 2019 is a reliable way to get up to speed – not just on how to build your systems, but monitor and manage them.

Geared toward IT workers of any level of experience, the opening courses of this 51-hour bundle will teach you how to navigate Amazon's databases and technologies. It'll also give you a primer in DevOps, the system that more closely integrates the development and operations teams of any application. Armed with those fundamentals, you'll discover how to configure storage, set up security through Cloudwatch – all the skills you'll need to become a bona fide architect in AWS. And more importantly, the certification to prove it to potential employers.

The AWS Certified Architect Developer Bundle 2019 is on sale now for $35.