History is made: petition opposing the EU's #Article13 internet censorship plan draws more signatures than any petition in human history

As of this writing, the petition opposing Article 13 — the part of the EU's new Copyright Directive that mandates copyright filters for online communities, services and platforms — has 4,920,535 signatories, making it the largest petition in the history of our species (edging out this one from 2017).

The vote on this measure will be held the week of March 25 (despite dirty attempts to change the date), and there will be EU-wide mass demonstrations against it on March 23.

The vote comes just weeks before EU elections, and you can use this easy, well-made tool to contact your MEP and demand that they pledge to vote against Article 13 as a condition of securing your support in the elections.

Stop the censorship-machinery! Save the Internet! [Save the Internet/Change.org]