Barb Noren makes soldering iron unicorns

Barb Noren, of the highly-recommended YouTube maker channel, Barb Makes Things, has a fun and easy new project video. In it, she turns a Rainbow Dash My Little Pony toy into Rainbow Flux, the soldering unicorn.

This is the third soldering unicorn Barb has made. The first, Sparkles, the soldering unicorn at CRASH Space, has become something of a mascot for that venerable hackerspace. Barb also made one at the request of her mom.

In this video, Barb does some serious trepantion on Rainbow Dash's head to accept the soldering iron and she cuts down an iron to fit inside the body of the toy. It all looks very easy and doable for anyone with even the most basic soldering and rotary tooling skills.

All fun and frivolity aside, I'm kind of intrigued by the idea of a soldering iron that can be stationary and that you bring the work to. Not sure how useful this could be, but then, I never would've thought of a soldering iron unicorn, either.