This bundle covers affiliate marketing, SEO techniques, and more

There's an audience for everything on the web, so if your brand or business hasn't found it yet, it's time to get smarter with your marketing. There are nearly as many ways to reach people as there are websites, but the Marketing, SEO & Affiliate Marketing Super Bundle teaches the ones that get successful companies the most bang for their buck – and a few effective methods that cost nothing at all.

This nine-course package includes lessons that focus on all the major advertising platforms on the web. You can learn how to optimize both the presentation and placement of ads on Facebook, Google AdWords, and MailChimp. Several courses touch on the invaluable skill of search engine optimization, teaching you to embed the perfect SEO terms into your WordPress site, among others. And there are extensive tutorials about the exploding field of affiliate marketing, which is a boon not only for the big companies that soak up web traffic but can be a great source of revenue for the companies that direct it there.

Right now, the Marketing, SEO & Affiliate Marketing Super Bundle is sale priced at $37.