Gimlet staff announce unionization plan following Spotify acquisition

Gimlet Media, creator of such excellent podcasts as Crimetown, Reply All, and Science Vs, was recently acquired by Spotify for $230m; in the wake of the acquisition, the staff have announced a successful unionization drive organized under the Writers Guild of America East (WGAE), which is also organizing Vox Media's team: the union will have about 80 members, drawn from the production, editorial, host, and reporting staff, but excluding managers, marketing and sales staff.

The team is seeking "consistent and transparent job descriptions and salary bands;" "equitable processes for protecting employees' intellectual property;" and "employee input in company decision-making;" among other things. Spotify has previously said Gimlet will retain its independence. The team will still work out of its Brooklyn, New York office, and Spotify has equated the deal to Disney's relationship to Pixar or Marvel. Gimlet will operate as a studio under a bigger parent corporation.

Gimlet Media staff moves to unionize following Spotify deal [Ashley Carman/The Verge]