God of Hammers cosplay with LED eyes (don't try this!)

Thor is in the house.

If you were at the Emerald City Comic-Con this weekend in Seattle, you may have seen this amazing cosplay in person.

Lucky you.

Holy crap, this is some serious dedication or bonkers-ness. Maybe both. The result is beautiful but good heavens, you could totally go blind doing this.

From IMGURian MissBoof, the woman who pulled it off and did not go blind, explains how she did it below.

She says:

I've had a lot of people asking about the eye effect:

1. Talk to your optometrist before doing this

2. My leds are long wave 405 nm 30 degree blacklight mini leds. These are the least intense/ invasive I found and I was able to ensure they could skim the contact lens.

3. The contact lens are special lens that react to blacklight

4. ADD A POTENTIOMETER. This allows you to dim the lights, otherwise you will walk into a garbage can in a dark room (was super embarrassing). since adding the dimmer this cosplay is now bar friendly and drunk people love this shit! I can see in normal lighting and such without any issues at all, I usually can't even tell when the lights are on.

5. Have fuuuuuuuun!

God of Hammers

Video by hobbit2153.