Google Stadia sounds like a bad idea

I will take 6 GPU teraflops hardwired to my 1ms refresh rate monitor over 10 GPU teraflops and a BGP-4 routed TCP-IP backbone for gaming.

While presented as a wonderful way to buy a videogame and instantly have it appear on your screen, Google Stadia seems to be ignoring both that most online multiplayer gaming is super latency sensitive, and most ISPs suck.

Google plans to enter the arena of cross-platform play, but I can not see the latency allowing for much more than a good game of Hearts. FPS and other shooters, which are the mainstay of the streaming game realm Google hopes to latch onto as its advertising engine, seem unplayable in this model. Bandwidth restrictions may limit you to playing only when next door to a Google data center.


The claim that Stadia runs with 10.7 GPU teraflops is when working with a single GPU. However, using multiple GPUs, Google claims Stadia can run even faster, making computing-intensive tasks like water simulation much easier, and more realistic. This power, of course, is dependent on players having a super-fast internet connection.

Google also claimed it is aiming to make games playable on Stadia fully cross-platform compatible. Phil Harrison, VP of Google, said during the keynote "As a new-generation game platform, Stadia will of course embrace full cross-platform play. Developers will have the ability to enable cross-platform multiplayer for all players and even bring game saves and progression across as well."