Kickstarter employees want to unionize under OPEIU and have formed Kickstarter United to make that happen

Kickstarter United is organizing Kickstarter employees under the Office and Professional Employees International Union (OPEIU) Local 153, joining other tech startups like Gimlet and Vox in a bid to unionize.

The employees say they're unionizing to "promote our collective values: inclusion and solidarity, transparency and accountability; a seat at the table," adding that "Kickstarter's efforts are incomplete, and these values [of democratizing access] have failed to manifest in our workplace. We can do better together — for ourselves and our industry."

Kickstarter staffers say they chose the OPEIU because of its approach to organizing, its experience domestically and internationally, and its diversity of members. As the union organizers mention, OPEIU supports "everyone from helicopter pilots to researchers." At Kickstarter, all employees, aside from senior management, will be eligible to join the union.

Kickstarter's staff is unionizing
[Bijan Stephen/The Verge]