Shazam! is the first DC movie my daughter and I really enjoyed

Last Saturday night both my 11-year old daughter and I really enjoyed DC's new Shazam!

True to my memories of the Shazam/Captain Marvel of my youth, but much, much more fun, Shazam! delivered on the 2 or so hours of entertainment you expect from a movie.

Unlike every other DC movie we've seen.

I liked Wonder Woman, my kid fell asleep. The rest of the DC universe films have been such trash we shut them off after a few minutes. My kid would rather watch YouTube garbage. I would rather watch 1970s tv intros.


Shazam! is a rollicking good time and the kid actors are wonderful. Faithe Herman as Darla, and Jack Dylan Glazer's Freddy were wonderful co-foster kids in the home with Billy Batson. Asher Angel's Billy Batson is significantly more mature than Zachary Levi's Captain Marvel, but they pull it off where it counts.

They never use the name Captain Marvel even tho we all pretty much share a name with someone more well known.