Border Patrol holds asylum seekers in tent under a bridge, calls it a "transitional camp"

In El Paso, Texas, the U.S. Border Patrol has confirmed that it is holding asylum seekers in a "transitional" camp under the Paso Del Norte Port of Entry bridge. A photo was making the internet rounds yesterday, and it seemed impossible they'd be literally holding them in a tent under a bridge.

But yes, that's what's happening in this image.

"A photo obtained by ABC News shows what appears to be a couple hundred migrants in and around a tent set up under the bridge. A large fan is in front of the tent's entrance."

Photos by Saul Saenz.

A Border Patrol spokesman told ABC-7 the camp is meant to "keep the migrants out of the elements" while they are transported to another facility to be processed. The migrants are not being processed at the camp, the spokesman said. Inside the tent, migrants are given water, food and a medical evaluation.

"More than half of the migrants are families and the majority are from Central America, meaning their asylum requests and credible fear interviews must be heard," ABC News reports.

The facility in El Paso is reportedly at 395 percent capacity.

Border Patrol told ABC news it expects to detain 95,000 individuals in March, up from 76,000 in February.