Alex Jones's deposition over his role in the harassment of Sandy Hook parents is a total shitshow

As the lawsuit against Alex Jones for his role in directing and encouraging the vicious harassment of the parents of children murdered at the Sandy Hook shooting has led to a lawsuit, and that has led to discovery and depositions that reveal much about how Jones deliberately and cynically created the campaign of terror against the grieving parents — and the role that organizations like the NRA play in the creation of cruel and destructive conspiracy theories about mass shootings.

The law firm of Farrar & Ball are representing the parents in the suit, and they've uploaded the video of their deposition of Jones, conducted by attorney Mark Bankston. It is a complete shitshow, as Jones spins, and does backflips, going back and forth on whether he believes that the Sandy Hook parents are part of a conspiracy or not, repeating conspiracy theories about shadowy figures in the woods and so on.

If you can't bear to watch the video, you can read a transcript.

Jones is asked about the supposed "deep research" he did on the shooting shortly after being read the official report:

Bankston: Okay. Thank you, Mr. Jones. Mr. Jones, I've noticed on a lot of these answers you've said, "Well, I'm just going off what Mr. [Wolfgang] Halbig said." So what I want to know is: When you talked earlier about how you did deep research, what was that? What deep research did you do?

Jones: Well, I mean, I did look at the news articles saying they were being very secretive about the case, that a lot of things were sealed, which is unusual. There were lawsuits involved with that, and I did do research on [Michael] Bloomberg putting out an e-mail the day before saying, "Get ready. There's going to be a big event," you know, just straight up, people waiting around for mass shootings or whatever. And just the way the media made a spectacle out of it right away is what really made me question. That scene like with the WMDs or babies in the incubators, I just saw the media so on it, so ready; and I thought that added credibility to it.

Bankston: Okay. I mean, I'm glad you brought up the Bloomberg thing. I remember there was a couple of episodes where you talked about this Bloomberg e-mail and you said to your audience that there was an e-mail that came out in the lawsuit where Bloomberg told his people: Get ready in the next 24 hours to capitalize on a mass shooting. That didn't happen; that's not a real e-mail, is it?

Barnes: Objection as to form.

Jones: I mean, I don't think it's exactly that; but there's one similar to that.

Bankston: Yeah. I mean, what you said is not real.

We Got Alex Jones' Deposition Video. It Was A Predictable Disaster For Him. [Sebastian Murdock/Huffington Post]

(Thanks, Kathy Padilla!)