After boasting about running his company from prison, Martin Shkreli gets solitary confinement

Martin Shkreli's poor impulse control continues to land him in terrible trouble: his price-gouging on lifesaving drugs didn't land him in prison, but his profligate boasting about it did (to say nothing of the revocation of his bail after he put a bounty on Hillary Clinton's hair follicles).

After Shrekli went to prison, his company started to hemorrhage money, alarming the grifter so severely that he acquired an illicit cellular phone and used it to run his business from prison, and then boasted about it, which led to a report in the Wall Street Journal that included a claim that he had fired his company's CEO from behind bars.

This prompted a Federal Bureau of Prisons investigation that has resulted in Shkreli being sent to solitary confinement. He is one year into a seven-year prison sentence.

Solitary confinement is classed as a form of torture by the United Nations.

A source close to Shkreli's legal team told the magazine that Shkreli was taken to Fort Dix's special housing unit (SHU) about a week and a half after the Wall Street Journal reported that Shkreli fired Phoenixus AG's interim CEO from behind bars.

Martin Shkreli Placed in Solitary Confinement After Allegedly Running Company Behind Bars: Report [