Pack more in less with this vacuum sealing travel kit

We've all got our favorite ways to hack our luggage. Who hasn't performed innumerable wrestling moves on their carry-on bag, trying to squish the clothes inside down to a size that will fit? If that routine is getting old, it might be time to let the Dr. Save Vacuum Travel Kit take the sweat out of the operation. Thanks to this simple, portable gadget, you can reduce the size of your clothes and other soft goods by up to 70%.

The concept, like all good ideas, is simple: The kit comes with four bags (Two 23" x 15", two 27" x 19") equipped with an airtight zipper and a valve. Load them up with clothes, blankets, pillows or other cloth goods and attach the accompanying vacuum unit. Instantly, it sucks the air out of the bag, effectively shrink-wrapping your clothes and leaving a flat, neat sack that's a fraction of its former size. Not only will it be smaller, but it will be much fresher at the other end of the trip since no oxygen means no mildew or moisture.

Right now, you can pick up the Dr. Save Vacuum Travel Kit for $29, a drop from its former price of $39 and 58% off the original MSRP.