Optimize your home Wi-Fi with this network troubleshooter

The one place you want your internet service to work flawlessly is your home – especially if you work there. Sadly, we all know that spotty Wi-Fi is all too common, even with the best package. If you've lost crucial projects or had trouble streaming movies, NetSpot Home can not only show you why and where these internet gremlins attack but how to kick them out.

It's a troubleshooting tool for your connection that goes through your wireless network with a fine-toothed comb, letting you see where the "dead zones" are in your house with a visual map. It can further analyze your coverage for any location and help you set up the best hotspot for your needs. You can then monitor your setup with accurate speed tests, and even set up multiple access points and organize them by SSID, vendor or security level. No matter what you've been running on, NetSpot Home can likely make it better.

Right now, a lifetime license to NetSpot Home is $19 – a 72% cut off the list price.