Surf safely and anonymously with this top-rated VPN

We're well past the golden age of the internet, when you could surf where you liked without being sure that ad trackers or some other bot were hungrily following your trail of cookies – not to mention actual human hackers and other threats. Ever wish your virtual self had an invisibility cloak? A good virtual private network is the next best thing. And among VPNs, Nord VPN still stands out as one of the best.

This is still the well-supported VPN that earned an "Outstanding" rating from PCMag, among other accolades. With it, you can route your signal through one of over 3,500 remote servers worldwide, thereby foiling tracking algorithms and enabling you to bypass the browsing restrictions of whatever country you're in. The service includes double data encryption and automatic shutdown in case of a dropped connection. And best of all, Nord VPN maintains a strict no logs policy, meaning nobody records your browsing history – not even Nord VPN.

Get a three-year subscription to Nord VPN for $107.55 – a 75% discount off the list price.