Facebook says it never sells your data but these internal documents show exactly how much they value your data in dollars

Mark Zuckerberg leveraged Facebook user data—maybe yours?—to crush rivals and aid allies, leaked documents show.

Some 4,000 pages of internal Facebook documents from 2011 to 2015 leaked to reporters at NBC News illuminate the company's shady approach to sharing and selling your personal user data, and how Facebook gives greater access to companies it considers friendly and aligned with its profit interests.

Read the entire report:
'Mark Zuckerberg leveraged Facebook user data to fight rivals and help friends, leaked documents show: Facebook's leaders seriously discussed selling access to user data — and privacy was an afterthought.'

Here are tweeted observations from Olivia Solon and Cyrus Farivar, the report's co-authors, as well as other journalists who've been covering this same beat, commenting on the NBC News blockbuster just published today.

"NBC has obtained thousands of pages of leaked internal documents show that Facebook wasn't just spitballing about selling access to user data – the plans had buy-in among Zuck, Sandberg and were pitched to the board of directors," tweeted report co-author Olivia Solon.

She continues, "While FB has always maintained it never sold your data & that the service is free, these docs show – over and over again – explicit monetary value ascribed to user data. This could, as @jason_kint says, help regulators build an antitrust complaint."