Slow-Lit is a genre of stories designed to put people to sleep

Chris Advansun is sleep writer. He writes bedtime stories for grownups. The secret to writing a good sleep story, he says, is to gently hook the reader without including anything jarring or surprising.

From Oddity Central:

"I would say the biggest difference is just the lack of conflict," the sleep writer said. "In fact, it is imperative that there really isn't any conflict in my stories, and in sleep stories in general. In traditional storytelling that is a story — a story is drama. And drama is the pursuit of a goal in the face of obstacles. And those obstacles need to be bigger and more crazy as you go along. So I had to really unlearn that feature of storytelling."

Although he admits that the idea of writing a story with the goal of listeners never reaching its end was weird at first, Advansun says that he has since understood that this type of stories have a different goal, and as long as they are helping people, he is satisfied.