The home urinal movement

After talking to people who have home urinals, Brian VanHooker of Mel Magazine says he is "now convinced that a urinal is the greatest possible fixture you could ever add to your home."

I found Curt Slater by searching #homeurinal on Twitter (a friend of Curt's had marveled at his home urinal so much that he just had to tweet about it). When I reach out, he was happy to share that he'd been inspired by a urinal in a friend's basement, so when it came time to redo his own basement, he knew he needed a urinal for himself.

"My philosophy with my basement was that I always wanted a cabin on the lake, but I knew I'd never be able to afford it, so I built my cabin in my basement," says Curt. "When we were designing it, my wife and I each had our list of things we wanted, like she wanted the river rock by the fireplace and a double sectional couch; I said I wanted a urinal, so I got that and she got something that she wanted. Honestly, it's the best move I ever made.

Image: Instagram