This super-clean sponge scrubs without collecting bacteria

We shouldn't be surprised that sponges – the very things you use to clean dishes – are breeding grounds for odor and germs. It's a sponge, after all. It absorbs things, including all that muck from your plates.

Which is why calling the Better Sponge a sponge is a bit of a misnomer. It's definitely better – but unlike those bacteria farms in your sink, it cleans without absorbing grime.

The Better Sponge is made from silicone, cleaning with bristles that are capable of scrubbing tough stains off pots and pans without scratching. And best of all, after you're done they simply rinse clean – no muck, no odor. Thanks to the material, they're equally effective as a pet brush or a grip for opening stubborn jars. And since they're heat-resistant, you can even use them as oven mitts. After use, simply stick them to the side of your newly clean sink with their built-in suction cup.

It's a game changer for tidy kitchens everywhere, and it's currently 50% off. Pick up a 6-piece variety pack of Better Sponges for $20.