This luggage organizer is like taking your closet with you

Even the most easily organized among us have trouble keeping things tidy on vacation. It's enough of a hassle just trying to cram everything in your luggage, much less worry about what goes where. The result: Frantic searches for the right item or garment, and a sloppy trash bag to hold those dirty clothes.

Then again, you could try the Oregami FIT 2.0 Unfolding Luggage Organizer. As the brand name implies, it's designed to bring a little zen to the packing process.

This collapsible travel aid stores flat, but just flip up the side supports and it expands into a trio of compartments designed to fit into most standard suitcases or large carry-on bags. It's the next best thing to having dresser drawers in your luggage, and when you get to your destination, the Oregami folds out for easy access to all of them.

Pick up an Oregami FIT 2.0 Unfolding Luggage Organizer today for $49.99 – more than 35% off the list price.