6 notebooks designed to jump-start your productivity

In the midst of social media encouraging us to increasingly overshare our lives, a curious thing has happened: Journaling is back. And while the practice of jotting down your thoughts and plans in a private, analog medium is therapeutic, it can also be pretty productive.

We've tracked down a few decidedly modern notebooks that have seized on that latter benefit. With innovations like personality-guided planning and cloud sharing, these little books are just waiting to be filled up with big ideas.

Sidekick Notebook

Talk about form following function. This handy number won the 2019 Gold A'Design Award, and it's easy to see why. The curious rhombus-shaped book opens up to reveal pages that fit snugly into the corner of your computer workstation, allowing you to easily jot down notes as you study or brainstorm. A two-pack of black Sidekick Notebooks are available now for $41.99, 12% off the MSRP.

EVO Flow System™ Planner

There are daily planners that let you set goals and celebrate achievements, but nothing as personalized as the EVO Flow System. Before getting the book, you take a Brain Type Assessment that matches your personality into one of four archetypes: Oracle, Alchemist, Explorer, or Architect. From there, you can get a planner and accompanying app that nudges you onto your own personal path to inspiration – with success as the inevitable by-product. Take the test and get your own EVO Flow System™ Planner for 20% off at $39.99.

Meditation Sidekick Journal

Here's a daily journal that's not just a place to air out your anxieties. Each page lets you map out a path over those mental hurdles with tips and goals rooted in behavioral science.  Along with regular meditation, the affirmations in this hardcover can be valuable and actionable therapy. Pick up a copy of the Meditation Sidekick Journal for $25.99, a drop from the previous sale price of $32.77.

Morning Sidekick Journal

Think of this leather-bound planner as a morning jog for your brain. As featured in Inc Magazine and Business Insider, each day's entry section is designed to let you understand what your goals are and why you want to get there, leaving you laser-focused for the rest of the workday. Best of all, it can be filled out in just three minutes. Your copy of the Morning Sidekick Journal is on sale for $24.99, more than 25% off the MSRP.

Rocketbook Everlast Reusable Notebook

Each of these notebooks come with 32 specially-treated pages, but you might only need one. Jot down notes with the included pen (or any pen from the Pilot FriXion line), and the text sticks smudge-free – but can be wiped clean with a moistened cloth. Need to save it? Use the companion app to send the page to your favorite cloud service. You can get a two-pack of the Rocketbook Everlast Reusable Notebook for $59.99, pen included. That's more than 20% off the original list price.

The Mindful Notebook

Each page of this journal is made to center you, starting with an inspirational quote at the top. That's followed by a ton of space for your own thoughts and ideas, capped off with a section at the bottom that lets you catalog the things you're grateful for that day. And the company that makes it donates a portion of every purchase to the Foundation for a Mindful Society as if you needed more peace of mind. The Mindful Notebook is now $17.99, a recent drop in price and 40% the original MSRP.