Trump supporters astonished to learn that the man they gave $20m to "build the wall" has nothing to show for it

Donald Trump, a garbage person, promised the credulous dunces in his "base" that he would build a wall along the US southern border at a cost of $12b (the DHS said it would cost $21.6b) and then failed to do so, despite controlling Congress, the Senate and the White House. He blamed the opposition for this failure.

In response, a fellow promised that he would raise the money for the wall through a crowdfunding campaign that the credulous dunces could send money to. He estimated that he could build it on private land for a mere $1b, because why not. They raised more than $20m, less than one thousandth of the DHS estimate of the cost of doing so, and, with less than 1% of the total cost in hand, the crowdfunder was shut down.

Now, the credulous dunces would like to know the what Brian Kolfage, the fellow who started the campaign, is doing with their millions. Mr Kolfage created a nonprofit to receive the money, but its records are sparse and mysterious. Mr Kolfage became very upset when the Daily Beast's Will Sommer published an article pointing out that no evidence of progress has been made available, and Mr Sommer countered that he had repeatedly asked Mr Kolfage for a status update, to no avail.

In lieu of evidence, Mr Kolfage offered this assurance: "I guaranteed we would build the wall . . . and I'll leave it at that!"

Mr Kolfage has variously promised start-dates of April, May, or June. He will not say where he plans to build "because of the ACLU, these other liberal groups who want to sue us and impede our progress."

Mr Kolfage's advisory board includes such worthies as the Nazi Stephen K Bannon and the Kris Kobach, an expert in voter suppression.

Mr Kolfage has previously raised thousands through crowdfunders to help veterans, though the hospitals the funds were earmarked for told Buzzfeed that the money never materialized and that they had no connection to him. In his defense, Mr Kolfage said Buzzfeed "100 percent lied."

Reporting on the apparent lack of progress on the private wall, published early Friday by the Daily Beast, drew criticism from Kolfage. The veteran called out the story's author, Will Sommer, who indicated he's repeatedly asked Kolfage for proof they were close to a groundbreaking.

"Omg this is PERFECT timing by the liberal rag news site. They are about to look more stupid than @hillaryclinton on election night 2016!" Kolfage wrote. "I guaranteed we would build the wall . . . and I'll leave it at that!"

Kolfage did not respond to an email and message from The Washington Post requesting comment Friday. While the nonprofit has floated various groundbreaking dates in the past, it's not exactly clear when, or if, construction will begin.

"We should be turning dirt on this thing by May 1, June 1 at the latest, according to our experts," Kolfage told Politico in February. In a March 21 interview with American Family Radio, however, the veteran asserted they were going to "start breaking ground" in April.

A group raised over $20 million to 'build the wall.' Now its supporters want answers. [Michael Brice-Saddler/Washington Post]