This night light for your toilet also deodorizes the bowl

When you're half-asleep, nighttime bathroom breaks can get messy or even painful without a light. But let's face it: Nobody wants to think about their bathroom any more than they have to. That's why the LooLoo Automatic Toilet Freshener & Night Light might be one of the most useful gadgets you never knew you needed.

First of all, the LooLoo is a night light that illuminates exactly where you need it, which not only might save you some stumbling but also money on your power bill. As soon as its motion sensors detect an approach, it lights up the toilet bowl. It's also equipped with infrared sensors on the interior of the bowl that detect body heat. When you sit down, the LooLoo hits the water with a quick spritz of essential oils, heading unwanted odors off before they even arrive.

Right now, you can pick up LooLoo: The Automatic Toilet Freshener & Night Light for $39.99, 18% off the original MSRP of $49.