Players are pretty happy with Fortnite's new Tactical Assault Rifle

Fortnite is constantly 'changing the meta' by altering weapon characteristics, adding or simply dropping weapons from the available arsenal. The new Tactical Assault Rifle takes the game a step further away from Close-Quarters-Combat and tries to open up the mid-range.

The new Combat Shotguns, a faster firing, longer-range shotgun that can not 1-hit kill is joined by the Tactical Assault Rifle. With the introducion of the Combat Shotgun, Fortnite vaulted the extremely popular Pump Shotgun, formerly considered a must carry by most players. Similarly, the P90 heavy submachine guns have been removed.

The old 'meta' for Fortnite was to hit someone with a pump shotgun and finish them with a spray of bullets from the SMG. In CQC this combo was so hard to counter that Fortnite just eliminated this style of play.

The TAR is an accurate, fast firing and hard-hitting AR that uses SMG ammo! Players on PC, PS4 and Xbox were all loving it as we played last night. I was on my Nintendo Switch and could hardly hit a thing. I was effective with the Combat Shotgun, however.