But Betsy DeVos' emails: Education Secretary used personal emails for work, Inspector report finds

Betsy DeVos used personal email accounts for her government work as the Secretary of Education in 'limited' cases, the Inspector General said. The report also found DeVos did not consistently preserve her government-related email messages properly, as is required by federal law.

Most of the violating emails were people congratulating her on getting a job in the Trump administration.


From the Associated Press:

The agency's Office of Inspector General released a report finding "limited" instances in which DeVos sent work emails from four personal accounts.

Investigators say they found fewer than 100 emails to or from DeVos' personal accounts on the department's email system, and found no evidence of "active or extensive" use of her personal accounts.

But they found that the emails, which should have been forwarded to her government account, "were not always being properly preserved."

House Democrats asked for a review of her emails back in 2017.

[PHOTO: Official US Gov portrait via wikimedia.org]