The Booty Duty bag: tactical toiletry for camping, fishing and hunting

Countless times I have frantically rummaged through my camping gear, digging for toilet paper as I madly need to go. My daughter never, ever, EVER returns toilet supplies to the same place. The Booty Duty bag is a handy, one-stop kit for all your excretory waste management supplies.

Camping for me involves a Volkswagen Camper. My bus starts most trips out as a well organized and carefully arranged environment. Everything from the solar panel to the BBQ is in its assigned place! I have tools, back-ups for the tools, cables, batteries, fuel, blankets, hats, sunscreen, bug repellant, you name it and someplace in that VW van you can probably find it. Zero thought ever goes into the toilet paper and supplies. They get stuffed into whatever space looks good at the moment. Then the TP is lost.

Most State and Federally designated/managed camping sites have bathrooms. Government TP is like sandpaper, but it is there. When camping even a tiny bit more off the grid, you better have your own shovel and paper. Finding that shovel and paper in the middle of the night, or really any time you are in a hurry always turns into a comedy of errors.

The Booty Duty is a purpose built bag that carries your roll of toilet paper and all your bathroom supplies! The bag handily affixes to your shovel and becomes a dispenser! It is thoughtfully designed to also house wet wipes, and have space for other hygiene products that may be required based on the composition of your camping party. With MOLLE straps the bag will integrate with almost all modern tactical/survival gear, so you can take the Booty Duty on a long hike, or leave it in your campsite.

Meet The Original Camping Toilet Paper Bag; the Booty Dooty Bag from Desert Rat Tactical. This bag helps bring the comforts of home when using the restroom, or the woodline, in the wilderness. The Booty Dooty Bag is not only a toilet paper carrier; it also dispenses the toilet paper straight from the bag itself. The Booty Dooty Bag features the following:

  1. Dual Zippered on one handle Toilet Paper compartment [full size roll]
  2. Zippered Wippee Compartment with elastic strapping inside – can also store other items such as a pocket/rescue knife, PTT Radio, small first aid kit, hand sanitizer, feminine products.
  3. Side pouches on the toilet paper compartment for quick access for feminine product dispense during use
  4. General Purpose quick release strap that can be used to hang around your neck while you are handling your business, strapped to your leg or slung across your back during your hike to the woodline.
  5. Sleeved pocket in the back for a shovel handle for dispensing the toilet paper when you pitch the shovel into the ground
  6. MOLLE Strapping on the back [Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment] for extra compartments or for a holster for shooters and hunters. Designed to fit Blackhawk and Safariland platforms
  7. Carry handle on top
  8. Dispensing feature can be used with the Toilet Paper and the Wippee.

The bag comes in serveral colors/styles of camo or just plain black.

Desert Rat Tactical is offering 15% off if your use their code: 4dad2019 at checkout.