Kickstart your copywriting career with this master class training bundle

In case it wasn't evident from the link that brought you here, digital ads are everywhere. And someone's got to write them. In print or on the web, writing lives by the same first commandment whether it's ad copy, fiction or essay: Don't lose the audience.

Still here? Whew.

Meta digressions aside, copywriting generally has some easy-to-follow rules. And outside of a university degree, the easiest way to learn them is through a comprehensive online course like the Complete Digital Copywriting Master Class Bundle.

This is a complete course package that focuses on writing for the web, and writing to sell. There's an equal focus on the art and science that goes into copywriting, with each lesson covering a different facet:

With more than 35 hours of resources, lectures and hands-on exercises, it's the launchpad to a steady career in an industry that's growing faster with every click. The Complete Digital Copywriting Master Class Bundle is now $39, more than 95% off the cost of the individual courses.