A grandmother is suing the TSA for strip searching her to get a look at her panty liner, on Mother's Day

Back in 2012, Jon Corbett made headlines by showing that he could easily get metal through TSA checkpoints' full-body pornoscanners: his experiences fighting the TSA convinced him to get his law license and hang out a shingle, and now he has his first client: Rhonda Mengert, a grandmother who was illegally strip-searched by the Tulsa TSA because they felt a panty-liner when they patted down her crotch. On Mother's Day.

Corbett has filed suit against the TSA on Mengert's behalf, seeking injunctive and monetary relief. If you have been similarly targeted by the TSA, Corbett would like to hear from you.

Once in the private room, the screeners told Mengert that they needed to "clear the area" ("the area" being her underwear). After being asked how they would like to do that, the screeners directed Mengert to take down her pants and underwear down to her knees to show them the pad. Mengert was made to feel that she had no choice and complied. Having been forced to expose herself, Mengert had to ask four times before she was finally allowed to leave.

The TSA publicly states that "TSA does not include strip searches in its protocols." But given that they were accused of doing basically the same thing to another woman last year, and seem to have a thing for strip searching older women, it seems the screeners and lower management have not gotten the message.

TSA Strip Searches Grandmother on Mother's Day Over Feminine Hygiene Product, Gets Sued [Jonathan Corbett/Professional-Troublemaker]

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