Angeleños boycott Langer's Deli after owner kicks out queer couple

It is sad that any institution, especially such a revered sandwich shop as Langer's Deli, would behave so terribly.


A famous Los Angeles sandwich shop, Langer's Deli, is facing calls for a boycott after the owner kicked out two women for kissing in his restaurant.

The woman and her date who experienced aggressive discrimination at Langer's Deli have chosen to remain anonymous but gave friends permission to share their story. One friend, writer and critic April Wolfe, took to Twitter to share what happened to her friends, posting a screenshot of the Facebook post that details how they were kicked out.

"My date and I had finished eating and we shared a kiss in our booth. Suddenly a man with a walkie-talkie was standing at our table. He introduced himself as Norm Langer and told us that he 'can't have this in his restaurant because some of the customers don't understand.'" When the woman told him that she lived nearby and used to love this deli but would never eat there again, Langer told her she was being "selfish and inconsiderate of how other people felt."

Image via Josh Lim/Wikipedia