Petition the moron with a swastika in his El Sobrante front yard to knock it off

Reasonable folks in El Sobrante do not like living with a symbol of hatred and oppression out in the open. A petition asking the idiot who cemented a swastika in his yard to remove it has been created. A protest has been planned.

Mr. Swastika thinks it is funny that fighting Nazism isn't just a local thing. I hope he likes cleaning egg off his cars.

SF Chron:

Johnson, reached by phone, said he hadn't seen the petition, but he didn't sound impressed.

"It sure is funny that all those people signing the petition don't even live in this neighborhood," he said.

Care2's website notes that less than a third of the people who have signed the petition live in California.

Since news stories about the swastika appeared, Johnson's car and two pickup trucks have been egged, he said. He suspects neighbors. The answering machine on his phone has been filled with insults and threats, he added, and lots of people have driven past and taken photographs.

Johnson covered the swastika with "blankets and stuff to calm things down," but he hasn't removed the offending symbol — though he held out the possibility.

"I haven't decided what I'm going to do," Johnson said. "There's been a lot more (reaction) than I expected. Everybody's on my butt about this."

Clearly, the petition won't work but it helps keep the heat on.