McDonald's offers burgers made with fresh beef, sales soar

How far the mighty have fallen! I remember the global spectacle of MickeyD's opening in Moscow. Likely the highwater mark for the Golden Arches.


Last year, the burger chain switched to fresh beef quarter-pound burgers from frozen at most of its stores in the contiguous United States. That change has led to a 30% spike in sales of quarter pounders on average over the past 12 months, the company said Monday. It also helped McDonald's (MCD) burgers gain market share in what the industry calls the "informal eating out" category for the first time in five years, the company said.

McDonald's made the change to appeal to consumers' growing interest in ingredient transparency. Buyers today want to know where their food comes from, Marion Gross, the company's chief supply chain officer for North America, told CNN Business.

I am not sure people REALLY want to know where that McDonald's beef came from. Rumors regarding "the special sauce" plagued my childhood.