Bungie cords! Bungie cords! Bungie cords!

Everything in my life seems to be held together by bungie cords.

This 24-pack of bungies is currently keeping most of my possessions from sliding around, or off, my VW Vanagon camper. I'm living in the bus for most of the summer, with my dogs and occasionally the child and space is at a premium!

Bungie cords let me strap stuff into place and keep it there.

In addition to keeping my solar panel from smashing itself to bits on my truck fridge, or my bucket of bottles from rolling into my stove, these bungies also keep raccoons out of my trashcans back at home!

It takes a lot of bungies to keep those raccoons out. 4 or 5.

The ball end bungie straps come in handy too.

Cartman Bungee Cords Assortment Jar 24 Piece in Jar – Includes 10", 18", 24", 32", 40" Bungee Cord and 8" Canopy/Tarp Ball Ties via Amazon