Crowdfunding season four of JourneyQuest: a CC-licensed fantasy-comedy show that treats its fans with respect

Ben writes, "First featured on Boing Boing in 2010, the fan-supported TV series JourneyQuest has continued for nine years(!) and is now Kickstarting a fourth season. It's an open world with a copyleft license, proving that encouraging sharing, remixing, allowing commercial derivatives, and not treating fans like criminals can still lead to success."

They're looking for $430K and they're up to $232K at the time of this writing. Rewards include your name in the credits, a patch, a DVD/Blu-Ray, naming rights to a new word in Elvish, a set of pewter miniatures, the right to put three questions to the show's oracle, a medallion, a photobook, a set visit, an associate producer credit, a co-producer credit, executive producer credit, an oil painting, and more!

JourneyQuest 4 [Zombie Orpheus/Kickstarter]

(Thanks, Ben!)