Court records show Trump was on calls with aides to kill stories of alleged sex affairs before 2016 election

Donald Trump was directly and personally involved in the discussions that led to Stormy Daniels being paid to keep quiet about her story of an affair with the then presidential candidate, the FBI says.


According to court documents released today, Donald Trump spoke with Michael Cohen on the phone at least two separate times on the same day Michael Cohen initiated a $131,000 wire transfer which would eventually make its way to porn performer and alleged Trump paramour Stormy Daniels.

Prosecution wrote in a letter to the judge that it has "effectively concluded its investigations of "who, besides Michael Cohen, was involved and whether certain individuals, made false statements, gave false testimony or otherwise obstructed justice with this investigation."

Trump lied about it. Repeatedly. Into the cameras. On Twitter. Everywhere, all the time.

Looks like a number of people are in brand-new trouble today.

Breaking news responses from Twitter notables and reporters on the story, below.