Boris Johnson to be new UK Prime Minister

Boris Johnson is to lead the UK Conservative Party after winning 66.4% of votes cast by members in its election. As head of the largest party in Parliament, he will become Prime Minister.

– Boris Johnson has won the Tory leadership election with 66.4% of the vote
– He will travel to Buckingham Palace on Wednesday (July 24) and ask permission from the Queen to form a government.
– More resignations from the current government are expected

Johnson defeated current Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt in the final round of voting. Theresa May quit the post after failing to convince Parliament to pass the Brexit deal her government negotiated with the European Union.

Johnson has until October 31 to figure out a better deal, but has signaled his happiness with there being no deal at all, allowing the UK to "crash out" of the EU irrespective of the economic or political fallout.